Jan Heckscher
Build self-awareness, align behaviour with positive outcomes and strengthen emotional resilience and wellbeing.

Moving From Burnout to Capacity to Thriving

Jan Heckscher knows first-hand what it’s like to fall victim to workplace stress and the toll it can take. As a guest on the Wellbeing at Work World podcast with John Brewer. Jan shares her struggle with self-esteem and how her experience with burnout has shaped her approach to work and life today.

Jan discusses the importance of understanding that everyone experiences burnout differently, and how managing it involves not just a change of pace, but in many cases, a shift in self-perception. She emphasises how critical it is for leaders to prioritise their own well-being.

Reclaiming Your Energy and Capacity to Thrive

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Through energy balancing sessions including Reiki, Jan is committed to supporting the mental, emotional and physical wellbeing of each individual she works with. Sessions are conducted with the utmost care and empathy in a confidential, safe and tranquil environment.

An Opportunity to Achieve Real Change

Jan is a passionate advocate for bringing a holistic approach to leadership and wellness in the workplace. In alignment with this philosophy, she offers a uniquely blended approach to improving leader and team wellbeing. This integrates the principles of Reiki and provides highly intuitive and empathic energy balancing sessions alongside more structured, objective assessment and coaching techniques. Working globally, Jan is a Melbourne-based executive coach and consultant. She has worked with thousands of people over more than twenty years to help them boost their performance - managing teams, leading organisations and supporting them to develop positive coping strategies and skills to increase professional and personal success.

Energy Balancing: Towards Greater Wellbeing

Watch Jan Heckscher in conversation with Lawrence Mitchell at the Wellbeing at Work Summit ANZ 2022. Their topic of discussion was Energy Balancing: Towards Greater Wellbeing. Jan is delighted to be partnering with the Wellbeing at Work Summit Australia 2023 being held in November. Details to follow shortly.

Jan at the Mitchell Shire Council Staff Wellbeing and Benefits Expo held in Broadford where she was invited to provide energy balancing 'taster' sessions throughout the Expo.

Services to Help You Thrive

Jan Heckscher can provide you and your team with the tools and techniques needed to achieve long-term positive change, both professionally and personally.

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Featured on Nancy’s List

Jan is included on Nancy’s List as a provider of energy balancing sessions as a complementary therapy to traditional cancer treatment, for both cancer sufferers and those who love and care for them. Jan is one of only four practitioners within Australia on this list.

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