Build self-awareness; align behaviour with positive outcomes and strengthen emotional resilience and wellbeing


I am a Melbourne-based executive coach passionate about developing potential and supporting positive behavioural change. As Founder and Director of Jan Heckscher Solutions and a Fellow of the Institute of Managers and Leaders, I have run a successful practice with individuals and organisations since 1993.

In a safe and confidential environment, I apply the highest levels of integrity and authenticity. With deep listening skills and passion for my work, I am absolutely committed to helping develop and maximise potential.

I can provide you and your team with the tools and techniques needed to achieve long term positive change, both professionally and personally.

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Executive coaching

Working nationally and internationally, individual coaching programs are designed and delivered for each client based on desired outcomes. As an executive coach and facilitator of leadership development, key competencies include:

  • Building self awareness
  • Sharing significant expertise in addressing critical/challenging issues that may arise in the workplace
  • Demonstrating positive behavioural change congruent with outcomes
  • Addressing derailing behaviours
  • Enhancing communication and active listening skills
  • Dealing with conflict and complaints
  • Effective time management
  • Delivering powerful presentations

In addition to the above, I am often invited by clients to be a sounding board when significant issues arise requiring clarity of thought.

Emotional resilience and wellbeing

Emotional resilience refers to our ability to adapt to stressful situations or crises. In a safe and confidential environment, clients will learn to expand their capacity to be emotionally resilient and handle stress more effectively.

A Coping and Stress Profile can be used to increase self-awareness of both strengths and development opportunities to significantly expand coping resources and increase both work and life satisfaction.

I am an accredited practitioner in the Global Leadership Wellness Survey (GLWS) and an accredited Reiki practitioner.

Using an holistic approach to leadership and wellness, I offer energy balancing sessions incorporating Reiki. These sessions significantly support an individual’s sense of balance and their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

“I am passionate about supporting individuals to recognise how thinking and behaviour impacts their effectiveness.”

Inspiring positive behavioural change

How often have you experienced a senior leader or manager who has great intent to achieve positive outcomes for themselves, their organisation and their team, yet the behaviour they demonstrate is not aligned with that intent?

I am passionate about supporting individuals to build self- awareness, to recognise how thinking and behaviour impacts their effectiveness and what thinking and behaviours inadvertently may be hindering their success.

I sensitively work with individuals to support them to gain clarity into which of their behaviours are landing well and where minor adjustments or changes may be made to significantly enhance performance. Tools and techniques can be introduced and practiced to alter perceptions and demonstrate positive change.

Life Styles Inventory (LSI) accredited practitioner

The Life Styles Inventory is a globally recognised tool providing individuals with significant insights into their thinking and behaviour and hence their impact on team effectiveness and organisational performance.

This can be an invaluable and focused component of a successful development and coaching program.

Having delivered over 450 LSI debriefs both nationally and internationally, I can leverage off extensive experience working with executives and senior leaders across a wide variety of industries.

Both executive coaching services and LSI debriefs can be delivered via phone, Skype or Zoom.


Recent clients

  • Australian Institute of Management
  • BP
  • Cabrini Hospital
  • CitiPower
  • Key Independent Schools
  • KPMG
  • Minter Ellison
  • nbn
  • Peninsula Private Hospital
  • Telstra
  • Tourism Queensland
  • Transfield
  • Victoria University
  • William Angliss Institute of TAFE


Here’s how to get in touch:

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“Working with Jan provided me with powerful learning experiences that enhanced my leadership capability. The opportunity to develop more supportive interactions with all members of our community was very rewarding. Jan’s encouragement and guidance in a totally confidential manner was invaluable. She assisted me to develop greater resilience in challenging situations which was very helpful.

To further support a strong future focus for the school, Jan attended Board strategic planning days. Her feedback greatly assisted me to ensure my presentations were powerful and future oriented. The Board members understood her role and valued her support during a period of significant change for the school.

To enhance the leadership team’s capacity, Jan worked with various members of the executive for a year. Positive feedback from staff on executive members improving leadership capacity was rewarding for the team members. In fact several executive staff found working with Jan to be “life changing”. Today they enjoy a greater sense of fulfilment and life balance.

For those looking for profound learning opportunities that have the potential to have great personal impact, I recommend starting the process by meeting with Jan. She will listen to your needs and priorities and set a course of action that will support individual or team development.”


Former Principal — Tintern Grammar